Thursday, May 21, 2020


“What would I give up?”  I ask myself,
To spend time now in prayer?
To intercede for another who is
Burdened down with care?

Who would I draw near to
And come quietly to their side?
Would I sacrifice the time right now
As in Jesus I abide?

Who would I spend time with
Without a thought for self?
If only to sit and listen humbly
Like a cup upon a shelf?

Like a cup we are God’s vessel
Filled with hope that’s from above
God “pours us out” to others
Who then drink of God’s great love!

“What would I give up?”  I ask
To give myself away?
Without a single thought
That today is just “my day!”

Our days belong to Jesus
Each day He made for me.
He lives His Days through us
Is not that clear to see?

His life is one of sacrifice,
Yielding to serve the good.
It always costs to do God’s Will,
See our Lord on a cross of wood.

In Christ we die to self each day
But out of this comes life!
The “pain” we feel is truly short-lived
Peace and freedom replace the strife!

The Christian life we misunderstand
It is not all “peaches and cream”!
It is in fact humbling sacrifice
Where doing God’s will is supreme.

The Blood of Jesus marks our paths
As we walk in the Spirit each hour
Giving is gaining as disciples of Him
As the Spirit gives us Christ’s power!

So let not our hearts be troubled
Sacrifice is God’s most rarest gem.
By His Spirit it becomes our “way of life”
It is surely not I but Him!

Ron Bolt is a retired pastor who lives in Temecula, California with wife Lois and two adult children.  Born in Chicago he was raised primarily in Minnesota and is a graduate of Wheaton College and Fuller Theological Seminary.

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